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 Nordic Race Ski Service


Dedication to Nordic 

  Skihut's dedication to Nordic racers continues into our service departmant.  We stock replacement parts for all Nordic race bindings and for most Nordic race poles.  Our service technicians are intimately familiar with the delicacies of removing a Swix cork grip in order to cut a pole. They know the difference between a Nordic and an Alpine stonegrind.  They understand the importance of a properly waxed and cared for race ski. They only brush in one direction.

  We offer a full range of Nordic race-specific services.  From hot-boxing to stonegrinds and even specific raceday wax applications. Every Nordic race need can be met at Skihut!


Service Specifics

Basic glide wax application - $10

Cleaning of ski base - $ determined upon inspection.

Base repair - $ determined upon inspection.

Race specific wax applications - Basic low flouro - $25.  High flouro - $40.  Addition of pure flouro top coat - $40.  Race waxing includes additional hand structuring if warranted.

Hot Box Service 

Basic 90 minute hotbox - $20 with hydrocarbon wax.  $25 with LF wax.

3-6 hour Double-Bake - $40 with hydrocarbon wax.  $45 with LF wax.

Stone Grinding

Our Wintersteiger Sigma RS-350 Stonegrinder is ready for action!

Basic Grind - $30

Our basic grind service includes base flattening, structure application, base cleaning and hydrocarbon hot box base prep.


Race Ready Grind - $65

Also known as “Ragin’ Full-on”.   Race Ready service includes all of the above plus saturation with Rex Base Oil following initial cleaning of post-grind skis.  Then a healthy stint in the hot box with hydrocarbon base prep followed by base hardening.  Skis will be ready for snow immediately after a scrape and brush.


We are thrilled to offer a totally new stone grind menu for 2012-2013!  After extensive (and ongoing) research we have come up with some great grinds.  We believe that these 4 basic grinds can easily cover any snow condition our customers may encounter.


Grind Menu


“Da Ridge” – Named in honor of the brutal cold and abrasive snow often found at Giant’s Ridge.  Da Ridge is a true cold snow grind.


“Hillsider” – That’s our neighborhood! Duluth’s Central Hillside.  This is also a cold grind.  But our proximity to Lake Superior usually means slightly higher temps and humidity.  The Hillsider is a very universal grind erring on the colder end of the scale.


“Spring Break” – Minnesota style that is.  Great for mid February to early March conditions here in MN.  Best in high moisture, fresh snow.




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